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About Us

Our Mission


Pre-Laminated Panels
Division of Distinctive Interiors

Pre- Laminated is a new ​division of Distinctive Interiors. We are dedicated to helping service the need of pre-laminated panels to the surrounding areas. Being a small family owned business in South East Michigan, with experience in millwork, we wanted to offer this service to the surrounding areas. 

We are so excited to be offering our services to you!


With our automatic pressing line, we have streamlined the process of laying-up board. This ensures that we are able to lay-up large volumes of board to help suit your demand.


One of our staff members will be available for quoting your project. We are currently offering board sizing of 4'x8', with board thicknesses ranging from 1/4" - 1 1/2" 


We are partnering with local vendors to receive your materials fast. The working relationships we have with our vendors help ensure quality products to suit your needs. The businesses that we are working with have been serving our community for decades. We are passionate about working with other small businesses, to help support our small business community.   

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